RICH Chinese summer camp started in 2002 and has been offering Mandarin language classes and traditional Chinese folk art courses to over 300 students ages 8 to 18 worldwide every year. We also carefully select outdoor activities including visits to Beijing local places of interest, unique sport experiences as well as a grasslands trip to Inner Mongolia ( Magic Shanghai, Panda Chengdu ) to compliment the language teaching procedure. Students are encouraged to make new local and international friends during the camp. We are proud to ensure that every student is guaranteed a great summer vacation experience in China.

The 2020 Chinese summer camp theme’Observe-Think-Act’is deeply engraved in the design of our itinerary (2020 Redesigned Chinese textbooks). With the accumulated operational experiences over the decade, we are nurtured with advanced education concepts to provide upgrading services.

Recommendation letter from Dr.Wang – Advisor for Chinese of English School Foundation (recommendation letter from ESF.pdf )See what parents say about us (Parents Feedback.pdf)

Contact information:

Email:summer@richblcu.com    Office Tel: (+86) 10 6538 9957  Mob/WeChat ID: (+86) 133 810 33676    RICH&BLCU summer campus address: No.15 XueYuan Road,Haidian District,Beijing,China

2020 itinerary

Enjoy a RICH summer with us! Mandarin Learning + Community Service + Adventure

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session 1 (June 20th – July 06th // 17Days):  2020S1.PDF 22,500RMB Click PDF file to view daily schedule

session 2 (June 28th – July 18th // 21Days):  2020S2.PDF 25,800RMB

session 3 (July 12th – August 01st // 21Days):  2020S3.PDF 26,800RMB

session 4 (July 25th – August 09th // 16Days):  2020S4.PDF 21,500RMB

Download Application Form:  2020 Student Application and Agreement.PDF and fill the form in details,Send the filled Application Form to summer@richblcu.com by Email.


session1 : (about 3150usd)

session2 : (about 3600usd)

session3 : (about 3700usd)

session4 : (about 3000usd)


session1-May 31st

session2-June 20th

session3-June 30th

session4-June 23rd


We would love to have parents who accompany their children to join our summer program. Therefore, we offer services for them like hotel room booking (same hotel as students); private Chinese course; trip.



Camping on Campus!


Our distinguished Chinese courses focus on developing the four main language skills in Chinese: speaking, listening, reading and writing, while each has its own emphasis in interesting and highly efficient ways.


We offer airport pick up and drop off for each students enroll in RICH summer camp.

RICH summer camp highlights

Distinctive academic advantage of Beijing Language and Culture University
Students will be immersed in the best Chinese learning atmosphere all over China. Qualified teaching team, professional teaching style and careful selection of textbooks will enable students to improve Chinese proficiency to the highest degree in “little United Nations”.
Customized language levels offered (2020 Redesigned Chinese textbooks)
We provide all together 9 types of classes for students with different Chinese proficiency levels, therefore we can best cater to particular needs of each student.One hour of one-on-one tutoring every day is designed to enhance writing and speaking skills which are the two most commonly applied language skills used daily.
Quality meals and accommodations
Students are arranged in a 4 star university owned hotel which offers buffet style breakfast. Other meal choices include authentic Chinese restaurants as well as in demand gourmet ones. We also provide bilingual counselor for every five students who ensures the safety and well being. The hotel and university security guards will be on watch 24/7.
12 outings supplement classroom instruction
The camp will include visits to Beijing tourist sites and teens’s amusement venues. This will present students the opportunity to get contact with local Chinese which will augment language acquisition, build up self-confidence and strengthen team morale.


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